• Inspirational Quotes

    Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get through the day!  Click on a quote image below and even if you just want to see some beautiful images, these will make your day.  These images will be updated regularly, adding to the top of the list, so be sure to check back often.  Enjoy.

    Inspirational Quotes
  • Feng Shui

    Feng Shui is the ancient art of balancing the Chi, (multiple energy flows) within a given space for the benefit of the individuals inhabiting the space. It is about creating a balance between ourselves and our surrounding. It is about noticing and balancing the conscious and unconscious energy patterns that emerge in our lives. Feng… [Continue Reading]

    Feng Shui
  • Healing from Addiction

    Addiction is a condition that results when a person ingests a substance or engages in an activity that can be pleasurable but dangerous with continued use, which turns into a compulsion. Classic hallmarks of addiction include impaired control over substances or behavior, preoccupation with substance or behavior, continued use despite consequences and denial. Addicts are… [Continue Reading]

    Healing from Addiction
  • Healing from Childhood Trauma

    Childhood trauma can have severe and long lasting negative affects. Children who are traumatized carry a sense of fear and helplessness into adulthood. Part of what happens in childhood trauma is that we instinctively do whatever we need to do to push away from the pain that is being inflicted on our developing sense of… [Continue Reading]

    Healing from Childhood Trauma
  • Paranormal Help

    Are strange things happening to you at home or at your business?  Are you being touched, scratched or whispered to?  There are tons of paranormal groups out there that will come and investigate your home or business, what makes us different is that we come with solutions. Whether you see or feel ghosts, entities, shadows,… [Continue Reading]

    Paranormal Help
  • Crystal and Energy Healing

    Energy Medicine, Energy Healing, Crystal Therapies, Intuitive Healing Sacred Geometry are just some of the modalities I use to encourage and facilitate self-healing, spiritual healing, emotional healing, and soul healing for you. Crystals have the ability to hold, set, and amplify light, energy, thought, and information. Crystals have been known to produce many beneficial effects… [Continue Reading]

    Crystal and Energy Healing
  • Life Path Spiritual Counseling

    Do you still wonder what your true life path is?                                   The core of who we are is our soul, and our spirituality is our connection to the divine.  This connection is as unique and as precious as each… [Continue Reading]

    Life Path Spiritual Counseling
  • Intuitive Readings

    Gain Insight, and Clarity Through Intuitive Readings and Counsel In ancient times and cultures many methods of divination were used to gain information and knowledge that would be used for counsel in life’s difficulties and crossroads. It was treated in high regard as the reader, diviner, or oracle was known within their community as having… [Continue Reading]

    Intuitive Readings
  • Whole Life Coaching

    With life’s increasing complications and pressures, no one can be expected to have all the answers all the time. Whole Life Coaching can help you get through the struggles and rough times of life with intuitive guidance, compassion, encouragement, and wisdom. Whole life coaching is about just that, your whole life. Figuring out how to… [Continue Reading]

    Whole Life Coaching
  • Relationship Counseling

    We are all about relationships, so much so that at times it may seem overwhelming. We have relationships with our families, children, spouse, significant others, coworkers, employers, friends, neighbors, exes, in-laws, etc… The list goes on and on. All these relationships are different, but none the less they all affect you on multiple levels. Each… [Continue Reading]

    Relationship Counseling
  • Spiritual Counseling

    The challenge in life is finding our way not so much on the surface of our lives, but in our inner lives, where our heart and soul resides. This is where we experience happiness and bliss or the slow and lonely death of our soul. Are you feeling disconnected, alone, or maybe just not whole… [Continue Reading]

    Spiritual Counseling
  • By Donation – A Feng Shui Tradition

      For all of our services we follow the traditions of the Red Envelope. Giving red envelopes is a powerful symbol of exchange with many layers of meaning. The color red is chosen because it represents life force, fortune, positivity, power, courage and strength, and the rectangular shape of the envelope represents a shield. Together,… [Continue Reading]

    By Donation – A Feng Shui Tradition
  • Video Blog

    Welcome to our 1st Video Blog! Tuesday, October 1, 2013

    Video Blog

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Healing and Helping all Spiritual Followers only by Donation

Intention, we live our lives by intention whether we realize it or not. Which gives rise to the following question, “How am I intending my life to be?” If we do not consciously intend our actions and outcomes then we are merely running off old outdated emotional programs and intents. If there is some aspect of your life that you are not 100% satisfied with, then you need to evaluate what you’re intentions are on a daily basis and adjust them. A becoming present within your soul throughout your day habit needs to be fostered.

This is one of the many reasons we have chosen to do our work based on donations. It causes you to stop and contemplate what your intentions are for your life right now. What are you intending to gain from our assistance. It is at this place of mutual intention that we are most effective in helping you achieve your goals.
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